Forgotten shoes

Who will dare to open the mysterious wardrobe?

Forgotten shoes
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Summer has started and a group of six friends who call themselves the Bombardiers have so many plans. First on the agenda? Finally explore the half-ruined house in Acacia Street everyone is so afraid of. No one has stepped inside for years. Except for cats. Hundreds of them.

The group's fearless leader Poki got into so much trouble during the school year that as a punishment, he has to drag his little sister Rebeka around at all times.

The Bombardiers aren't happy about this. But they have no idea Rebeka will actually be the one to force them into the scary house when trying to help an even scarier one-eyed cat.

Inside the house, they discover a strange wardrobe full of beautiful shoes. But there's something strange about them. Each of the kids is mysteriously attracted to a different pair of shoes.

But the strangest things only start happening when they put these shoes on.

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